Sunday, January 27, 2013

39th & The Nortons - On Trial (2012)

Wonderful country music isn't what comes to the fore of my thoughts when conjuring England, where 39th & The Nortons indeed come from, but then again there are crazier places that country music is popular. I've heard that Dolly Parton sold out stadiums in South Africa, after all there is not accounting for taste as they love to tell us. Therefore, why not a some righteous British country. Yet to be fair this group isn't playing country like you'd hear on the radio even in America, it is more along the lines of Strange Boys insomuch that it is a healthy blend of country, psychedelic and garage rock. It's not as, well, strange. Rather it has that sweet, heartfelt twang that country delivers so impeccably. Makes me whimsical and nostalgic for something I don't really understand. Don't think I need to either, just that it sounds mighty swell.

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