Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Marshmallow Coast - Phreak Phantasy (2009)

In their last album Marshmallow Coast re-dubbed themselves M Coast. I suppose that didn't stick though, as this is appearing where I've been looking under their old moniker. Released on the delightful label, Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records, there reportedly is only several hundred CDs made and a mere 100 copies pressed on vinyl. Anyhow, I've been as fan of Marshmallow Coast for some time and naturally discovered them through their ties to Elephant 6. The brainchild of the group is Andy Gonzales and he took a different tack to the pretty indie pop he and many of his E6 cohorts are known for. Relying more on electronics to made the strangeness of the album expressed, it is loaded with loopy beats and effects, which for some fans of the old charming lo-fi tunes previously produced might take a bit of an adjustment. However, it isn't much of a leap and does fit very well into the overall image of the band. There was never a choice that I am aware of to commit any particular style of pop. I'm rambling, point is that I would not be posting it if I didn't find this album to at least be a decent addition to the discography of Marshmallow Coast. Special thanks to Shehara for passing this album along to me.

To be had here:
Marshmallow Coast - Phreak Phantasy [160 VBR kbps]

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  1. Yes, an amazing album by Marshmallow Coast!
    In fact :
    Marshmallow Coast = more like a solo project
    M Coast = a real band
    Soon will be released Super Seniors And Juniors, a totally rerecorded version of Seniors And Juniors :)