Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Caribou - Caribou Vibration Ensemble featuring Marshall Allen (2010)

I downloaded and decided to dive right into this album. I looked up what it was and the idea immediately piqued my interest. This is a live set of Caribou in which additional musicians were enlisted to shore the performers on stage to 15 in all, hence the "Caribou Vibration Ensemble" in the album title. The horn section was provided by Marshall Allen who is best know for his work with Sun Ra. Also there are a few drummers going at it; something that never harms a live show. While it must've been even better to see what was going on, I can completely understand why they released this as an album. Lastly, the songs they've recorded in studio and the versions hereon are rather different so it is worthwhile even for those tend to shy away from live recordings. I only wish I re-familiarized myself better with their songs before listening.

To be had here:
Caribou - Caribou Vibration Ensemble featuring Marshall Allen [320 kbps]

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