Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Les Mogol (Moğollar) - Dances and Rhythms of Turkey of Yesterday and Today (1971)

Les Mogol was the named used by the Turkish band Moğollar when they released an album in France in 1971. Moğollar was a band of large importance in the development of the genre called Anatolian rock, otherwise called Turkish ethno rock. Basically the genre is a mixture of the 60s and 70s psychedelic and progressive rock with traditional Turkish instruments and themes. Like other fusions, such as Nigerian afrobeat, the results are incredibly unique. I wish I knew more about the individual artists involved in this album's, and indeed the whole scene's, creation and evolution, but alas I am not knowledgeable about Turkish music. However, like my other recent posts I am hoping to share my growing interest in the more obscure musical styles of the world, and I do plead with your to share with me anything you might have, which I'll willing allow you to post here, galdly link to elsewhere, or listen to so as to post on it myself. Time to give it little, pilgrims.

To be had here:
Les Mogol - Dances and Rhythms of Turkey of Yesterday and Today [192 VBR kbps]


  1. this is incredible. thank you so much for posting it. what a breath of refreshing air into my musical library

  2. Thank you buddy! Have you ever heard of Erkin Koray, the pioneer of the Anatolian Rock?

  3. I have heard a bit of Koray, I think I got it from Knowyourconjurer.