Thursday, January 1, 2009

Best of 2008, grand finale

Okay, so that lovely son of a bitch called Gumo Ga used one of these on this list, I am not dissuaded from using from repeating it (indeed I place it much higher). Perhaps this is the best time for a reflection upon the erstwhile year. I don't know about you guys but first thing I did for the new year was sleep have the day away; having a holiday off is sweet.

2. Benni Hemm Hemm - Murta St. Calunga
I am utterly smitten with these Icelanders. I really enjoyed their first two full lengths and the wonderful EP, so much so I have already posted it on this blog. However, this is quite possibly the very best of they've offered up yet. Mostly the album is in Icelandic, but some notable tracks are in English such as "Early Morning Rain" and "Whaling in the North Atlantic." The entirety of the album has a common feeling the streams throughout with the songs possesses enough similarities to be heard through order flawlessly.

1. Women - Women
This shit is unbelievably listenable. Full agreement is had here with Gumo Ga, this is most definitely noise-pop. I'm a sucker for catchy lo-fi, however this is no Stephin Merrit sorta thing. Replaying the album is an absolute must, as it grew on me by leaps and bounds with every subsequent listening. It is almost required now that I hear my favorite song thereupon, "Black Rice" immediately after leaving my job. Nobody I know that heard it doesn't recognize the brilliance. I'll admit that many mightn't share the full-on enthueasism that I have for Women, but this album is the balance between pop, noise, lo-fi, complexity, cheerfulness and sober I hoped many other releases would have.

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  1. it does grow and grow on you, definitely my favorite of last year, bring on more women!