Saturday, June 1, 2013

Driver Dress - 7" (2013)

Driver Dress is a solo project from Aaron LeMay, a Minneapolis local that was kind enough to send us a copy of their new splendid 7 inch.  LeMay has played with some of the city’s staple musicians like Mark Mallman, and you can see just how well crafted his form is on this record. This is burnt-out, lo-fi garage rock that could sit comfortably next to older Ty Segall releases. The promo material that came with the record said all of the band’s members picked up instruments they had never played before to jam out these tracks, but I find that hard to believe based on the quality of each track. Don’t let the lo-fi tag fool you; this set of songs has production and precision that many of its contemporaries fail to achieve. You can hear the hints of a Roland RE-201 present, creating that timeless reverb sloping resonance all your recreation guitar pedals are trying to photocopy (often to no avail). My favorite track is the EP’s closer, “Spiders.” The tempo starts with a sludgy stride, and then builds with the assistance of a chant like chorus that makes for an admirable end to a great underground release from MPLS. 

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